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Le Split

Le Split

Le Split

The Genesis of the Camper Van

Escape at the wheel of the famous Split Combi, the ancestor of the VW combis.

This is the very first model marketed from the early 50s. The vw combi T1 (1st model of the Transporter family) clearly marked its time, with its vintage look and its safari windshield in two opening parts, which will earn it the nickname of Split.

It is equipped with a 4-cylinder flat engine cooled by air. Like the Beetle, the engine is also rear mounted. The Type 1 is a unique design among commercial vans with this engine architecture.

Ideal for your communication or event operations, it is part of our EVENT Pro offer. Within this framework, we are able to propose you a customized offer on 1 or a fleet of combis T1/T2/T3 and vehicles of collection integrating specific additional services.
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Essentially utilitarian in the post-war period, they are then declined in minibus version of which a luxurious model then a first motor home version. Between 1960 and 1970, they are among the most representative symbols of the hippie period.

Nowadays, the Split is experiencing a revival of interest and is becoming a real fashion phenomenon. This backpacker is synonymous with freedom, adventure and marginality.

We regularly work on these machines to improve their safety and reliability, and thus offer them for rent in the best conditions.




Engine/Version :

  • year 60-70
  • minibus and camper versions
  • engine 1200-1600 cm3 according to models
  • air-cooled rear engine
  • fuel consumption 10L/100km
  • seats up to 7 passengers
  • dimensions: L 4,40m, W 1,72m H 1,95M
  • fuel consumption 10L/100, max range 400km
  • cruising speed 70km/h

Driving / Recommendations

Beware, friends of the adventurers, no power steering here:

  • power steering, anticipate your maneuvers goodness,
  • ABS, plan your braking
  • centralized locks
  • we run on 98 SP
  • without exceeding 70 km/h.

These old ladies are fragile and precious. They like to go for a walk and to take the pretty small roads at moderate speeds between sea and mountain. Straddling the French and Spanish Basque countries and passing through the Landes coastline, it is pure happiness.

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