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Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Please contact us if you need further information, we are always happy to hear from you.


You can book a van directly on our website or by calling us at +33953 22 44 44

What are the payment methods ?

For the payment of your Campy we offer these options :

What happens if I need to cancel my booking ?

If you wish to cancel 6 weeks or more prior to the beginning of your lease your booking deposit will be fully refunded.

Do I have to pay a security deposit or bond?

Yes, we do require a 2500 € security deposit. If no damage is done to the Van or its contents the security deposit will be refunded when you return the Van. The security deposit amount can be made with cash or credit card with ID. We offer an option to reduce the security deposit amount to 500€.

What documents are required to book a Van?

To book the vehicle, you need:

What are the minimum rental periods?

In high season, the minimum is a 7-days rental, and in mid and low seasons, 3 days.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

Do we have to pay for additional drivers?

Due to insurance cost,  additional driver costs 5 € / day.


In the event of a problem, accident or breakdown, what does the insurance cover?

Our Vans have third-party insurance: which covers everything happening to the vehicle.

You are also insured for technical problems and benefit from roadside assistance 24 / 7 all across Europe. In the event of an accident, you also benefit from the roadside assistance service.
However, in case of loss or theft, insurance does not cover your personal items.

What happens if I get a fine?

In case of fine, the amount will be deducted from your security deposit regarding the receipt of the fine. Be careful with trips in Spain, the fines are transmitted to France.

Our Campy

What is the maximum number of passengers?

We have 3 classes of vehicles:

What kind of fuel should we use?

What is the fuel consumption of the vans?

What kind of transmission, manual or automatic?

All our vans have manual transmissions, with 6 gears for the Classic Campy, very economical and quiet for long trips .

Are the Vans easy to drive?

Campy Classic and Low coast are very easy to drive, just like any new car. The cool campers are more touchy and require old school driving capacities.

Is there an MP3 connection (iPod)?

All Campy Classic and Low coast vans are equipped with a connection for any mp3 reader.
The vintage Cool Campers have a classic car radio.

What equipment comes standard with every Campy?

The standard equipment for a Campy Classic is: queen-size bed, shelves, table, fully equipped Kitchen, sink with electric pump,30L compression refrigerator, single burner stove with its gas bottles, dishes, crockery and kitchenware for 3 people and stationnary heater in last models . The “low coast” Campy: same but only a mini cooler, equipment for 2 people and no  stationnary heater  . The vintage Cool Camper have a classic westfalia equipment for 4 people, a mobile poptop roof for kids bedding upstairs and a bed in the main rear part, electric or gas fridge & cooker, dishes, crockery and kitchenware and no  stationnary heater  . There is also a multitude of additional options to choose from. Check out our pricing page for additional options. You can also purchase one of our “campypacks” which are always great and affordable alternatives.

Can we smoke in the van ?

For safety reasons and out of respect for other users, it is naturally forbidden to smoke in the van.

Do we have to return our Campy washed and clean ?

Yes, a check up of the vehicle will be done before and after the journey. You’ll find near our agency a cleaning station for refueling, washing and cleaning.
An 40 € cleaning fee will be required if the Van is not clean or if you don’t want to manage that when you return it.

Do we have to refuel the Campy ?

Yes, the Campy must be returned with the tank filled. Otherwise, it would be charged at our current fare.

Road trip

What is the best season for a journey in France ?

The most popular season for a road trip in France is from April to October. The climate is perfectly suited to this kind of journey, and there’s plenty to do at this time of the year.

However, all our the Campy are fully insulated and a few are equipped with stationary heater that allows you to plan your getaway at any time of the year.

Where should we park the van at night ?

During High season (july/august), camping outside of designated areas along the coast is forbidden. There are designated campsites and affordable campervans parking areas .

If you choose to park or camp outside of these limits, you do so at your own risk.