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Our campy guide

#12 From Biarritz to Le Massif Central

The Massif Central is the largest of the French territory, with a medium altitude and rounded reliefs. 100% NATURE, it is shaped by the moods of the Auvergne volcanoes and sculpted by water. The complexity of the geological history of the Massif Central and the great variety of rocks found there explain the great diversity of the landscapes that one meets there.

#11 From Biarritz to Les Gorges du Verdon

The largest canyon in Europe, the Gorges du Verdon are located in the north of Provence Verte. High place of climbing, it offers breathtaking landscapes. It is also the ideal place for the practice of the sports "full nature": canoe-kayak, paragliding, rafting, swimming in white water, fly fishing, horsemanship, pedestrian excursions, climbing, enduro, canyoning and vtt with the trans-verdon.

#10 From Biarritz to Pyrénées

The Pyrenees are a mountain range in southwestern Europe, separating Spain from France by a natural barrier and stretching 430 km from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Three long distance hiking trails cross the Pyrenees from west to east

#9 From Biarritz to Bretagne

SUP, cider... Sailing boats, beer... Pirates, rum... The abuse of Brittany is dangerous for the orientation! It is beautiful and not far from France.

#8 From Biarritz to Croatie

A "travel" idea to inspire a road trip in Croatia. 100% NATURE, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) was throughout its history the crossroads of 4 great cultural spaces which confers a wealth to its artistic, cultural and architectural heritage.

#7 From Biarritz to Andalousie

Land of travel and passions, it inspires many stories to Gautier, Mérimée, Chateaubriand, Irving, Garcia Lorca and the emergence of novelistic characters: Don Quixote, Carmen, Don Juan, Zorro.

#6 From Biarritz to Corse

The island of beauty, a trip that inspires a sublime road trip. Corsica benefits from a preserved environment of sea, forest and mountains. We like to go from the Basque Country to this island with a strong identity, generous and independent.

#5 From Biarritz to Sud-Ouest

Surf trip, wine route, green forest and shellfish. Special Aquitaine Bordeaux, city of architecture and elegance. Its port, its quays, its counters, its history. Vineyards, castles and gastronomy. Shore breaks landais.

#4 From Biarritz to Asturies

The climate of Asturias is oceanic, very humid all year round with very mild winters and summers that are not as hot as in the rest of Spain. Frosts are very rare in the plains, as well as hot days. Hiking Picos de Europa and heavenly beaches.

#3 From Biarritz to Portugal

Discover the best surf spots, the Algarve and its "secret spots", Lisbon and its small tiles, the charm of Porto and the Fishermen Trail, the kindness and the Portuguese gastronomy... What happiness!

#2 From Biarritz to Aragon

Aragon, Bardenas Reales, Sierra De Guara, Parc D'ordessa, Mont Perdu, Ainsa, Riglos... Canyoning, climbing, ski touring, mountain walking, Enduro and preserved beauty at 3h30 from Biarritz. Thank you Spain !

#1 From Biarritz to Mundaka

Mundaka, a charming fishing port and part of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, is particularly proud of its left wave, considered the best in Europe.