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From Biarritz to Freedom

Campy Classic

Campy Classic

A warm and elegant woody ambiance in a practical layout for optimal comfort. Unlimited mileage and all-inclusive insurance included.
My Little Campy

My Little Campy

A charming independent 100% Home Made. Named “Woodstock” by its groupies, this low cost has everything of a great in the Basque Country.
Cool Camper

Cool Camper

Its retro look with its roof POP TOP often provides sympathy as he passed by and it is a amazing machine for travelling 50 years back in time.

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Our benefits


From Biarritz you have an immediate access to a huge playground because the diversity, with surfing on the Landes and Basque coast, or with the mountains and their typical village and Basque culture or also the mountain with French and Spanish Pyrenées.


Easy way to come to the agency, walking from the station or the airport to get quickly your Campy van. A private car park locked at night for your car and a safety deposit box to take over only what you need.

The team

A friendly and helpful local team to share with you their experiences to make a personal an incredible road trip .

Campy's place

Free access to a garage with old classic cars and a vintage decoration.


A lounge bar to chill out and a bathroom to have a shower on your way back, a safety drop box for your stuff, a car park secured for your cars.

Custom vans

Single home made vans with warm and cosy atmosphere.

Campervans for all

A range of modern vans easy to drive with a low gas consumption and because their size get an easy access to all the commodities on the coast, and also unlimited miles to drive far away.

The Market

A Campy maket to get on (hit on) the road with local product packed according your van and your trip.

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