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Cool Camper

Cool Camper

Cool Camper

Authentic adventures for old-fashioned road trips!

On board with our Cool Campers, is first of all to travel in space-time with a VW Bay Window combi from the seventies. By taking you to places that you have been dreaming about for a long time, according to your passions, as a family, as a couple or with friends, you will live extraordinary road trips on the Basque coast and the Landes coast.

On board: 4 pers. max.

Included mileage : 100 km/j

From : Biarritz

Rental: 129 € per day

For more information of our rates, please consult our guide


Vw kombi Bay Window

Restored VW T2 Westfalia version from the 70’s.

Our fleet is composed of several different models whose equipment includes, according to the versions of time and the number of passengers, differences of arrangement.

Westfalia layout

seats from 2 to 5
sleeping accommodation from 2 to 4
solar panels or not
a bench bed
pop top bed: 1 or 2 adults or 1 or 2 children (to be validated according to the combi)
removable swivel table
original cooking point 2 flames gas with bottles provided.
We prefer the ease and security of use of the outdoor camping stove supplied with 2 free gas refills


solar panels or not
auxiliary battery with automatic coupling recharged by motor battery
220volt outdoor camping charging socket with cable supplied
USB charging socket
webasto or not
outdoor shower or solar shower


45l 12V absorption fridge (renovation and modernization by Campy of the westfalia trimix, 70’s look kept) or modern version Webasto 16L
sink with water tank 15/20L, electric pump
complete kitchenware and dishes

Option not included

comforter and pillows with their decontaminated covers and fitted sheets
plaids on request
solar shower
folding camping chairs and table
portable and foldable outdoor dry toilet (Campoo box by Campy Camper concept) in recyclable cardboard

Engine/Version :

Model Kombi Bay Window- T2b-westfalia

Year 1970-1979

Engine 1600 petrol 98 sp air cooled AIRCOOLED

Preferred speed between 50 and 80 km/hour

Mixed consumption 10 liters per 100

Seats 2 to 5 depending on the model

Sleeps 2 to 4 (2 adults + 2 children) beyond 2 persons please contact us to define the appropriate Combi if 4 adults.

Tank capacity: 50l

Dimension: length 4,50m / width 1,72m / height 2m

Driving / Recommendations

You rent one of the mythical VW Combi of the seventies on the Basque Coast at Campy Camper in Biarritz.
Whether you are a beginner or an old-fashioned adventurer, here are some useful recommendations to make the most of your road trip.

Our VW bay window T2b or T2a combis are generally between 40 and 50 years old. In spite of all the care that our team of enthusiasts gives to these old ladies through regular and careful maintenance, they are fragile and require a little attention.

1. Check the oil level when cold and on flat ground before turning on your engine and this about every 3 days.

2. Combi’s were designed to be driven, provided you put yourself in the context of the 60’s! The cruising speed is 80 km/h.

Speed ratio of the combi :

 V1->from 0 to 15km/h
 V2->from 15 to 30km/h
V3->from 30 to 45km/h
V4->from 45 to 90km/h

The charm of Aircooled air-cooled engines:
If you take the freeway, do not drive at more than 90km/h, especially in hot weather, because the engines heat up and you could damage or even break the engine.
Prefer national and departmental roads and preferably the green roads of the Basque Country, they are superb, colorful and full of surprises.

If you drive in the mountains, make frequent stops to rest the engine and enjoy the landscape, lakes, rivers, forests and villages. On very hot days (over 30°C), drive slower and take breaks more often.

We remind you that you can be held responsible in case of engine failure, especially in case of excessive speed or inappropriate use.

3. Traveling in time with a VW combi from the 70’s, requires an adaptation time.
A combi brakes less well than a modern car. It has no ABS, airbag, or back-up radar.
Power steering did not exist at the time, so be careful and anticipate your turns. You will quickly learn to modify your driving.

On the day of departure, a cold and hot start procedure will be explained to you. The engine may not start at the first key stroke as you are used to with modern cars. Don’t worry, we will provide assistance in getting started with a mini test drive on the day of departure to give you the tips and techniques that work miracles.

Here are some precious tips if you have never driven a VW combi type T2 fitted out by Westfalia

the gas bottle for the cooking plate and the fridge must be closed when you drive.
turn off the electric pump of the water tank, without water it will damage it.
 the Pop Top roof must remain closed when driving and be careful not to damage or jam the canvas with the roof compasses when folding the top. The same goes for the zippers of the canvas which are fragile!
the height of the combi is 2.00m, be careful with the access bars to the beach and the underfloor parking. If you are not sure to pass, stop in time and get a second person to help you.

5. The SP 98 gasoline.

The combis run on SP 98 gasoline only.
(No diesel or E10 (10% Ethanol))
Keep the fuel tickets. In case of an engine failure, the cause of using an inappropriate fuel can be ruled out.

6. You are traveling in a combi with children, they will love it! It’s a great experience for the whole family.

That’s why, when you’re on vacation, keep the same vigilance as at home.

Explain to them that they have to be careful with the dashboard controls, the brake, the gas, the handles of the furniture and the table leg.

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