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Fares 2023

Our rates depend on the season, the duration, the van or the equipment chosen. To make your choice:

VANS and CamperBox CAMPY:
3 families regrouping ranges:
1- Modern (Little/0cean)
2- Vintage (Combi VW T1-T2-T3)
3- Electric (


. Modern: from 29€/Day to 119€/Day
. Electric: from 119€/Day to 149€/Day
. Vintages: 129€/Day

Example for 3 days (2 nights):
Modern: from 87€ to 357€.
Vintages: 387€.
+Fixed costs*: Moderns/E = 35€ Vintages = 85€.

(* Fees for the provision of the van, cleaning, equipment on board, presentation and training, administrative costs. For combis includes a detailed training on the use and 1 test drive)

Free: Second driver/ Secure parking for personal vehicles/ pick up – drop off at the train station or airport or hotels in Biarritz
Many other options for outdoor and surf/ mountain bike

ID.BUZZ Electric:
We propose it in 5 seats VP version, or van fitted out and with an option roof tent

. Low and Mid Season: 3D (2 nights)
. High season: 7J (6 nights)

Mileage included:
. Modern: Ocean km Unlimited – Little 150Km/J
. Electric: Unlimited
. Vintages: 100Km/D
(KM extension possible in option)

Ideal choice of a van according to your geographical project of road trip:
. Regional Basque Country FR & ESP / Landes: All vans are suitable
. Beyond: prefer the Ocean/Id.Buzz categories and unlimited km, or consult us for a particular destination

Consult us for:
. Vintage range VW split T1 combis
. Long duration beyond 2 weeks
. Specific requests for events/comms/weddings…
high (from July 1, 2023 to September 01, 2023)
medium (from 02 September 2023 to 31 October 2023 and from 1 April to 30 June)
low (from November 01, 2023 to March 31, 2023)

These rates apply to standard individual rentals only. The services of renting vans within the framework of days companies, communication, shows, shooting, communication agency, weddings… requiring specific additional services or assistance are the subject of personalized estimate.

Choose your season in 1 click on the season banner below:

VW ID.Buzz

VW ID.Buzz

149 €/day

From : Biarritz

5 pers. max.
Campy Ocean

Campy Ocean

119 €/day

From : Biarritz

3 pers. max.
My Little Campy

My Little Campy

69 €/day

Included mileage : 150 km/day

From : Biarritz

2 pers. max.


129 €/day

Included mileage : 150 km/day

From : Biarritz

2 pers. max.
Cool Camper

Cool Camper

129 €/day

Included mileage : 100 km/j

From : Biarritz

4 pers. max.
Le Split

Le Split

Please contact us for a quote

From : Events Europe.

7 pers. max.