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Campy Classic

A campervan with a practical layout for optimum comfort :

  • A lounge thought for moments of sharing and relaxation
  • A kitchen where you will have pleasure to cook your favorite dishes
  • A king size bed where you will fall asleep in peace


My Little Campy

My Little Campy is a charming standalone CamperVan 100% Home Made

Named “Woodstock” by his fans, this “low coast” (low cost) has nothing to be ashamed of his big brothers in Pays Basque.

Cool Campy

A unique and unusual way to travel. With his vintage look and roof POP TOP the combi VW’s bay windows often provides sympathy on the roadsides and it is a great machine to travel 50 years back in time. An experiment not to be missed for discovering the Basque Country in total freedom!!