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VW ID.Buzz

VW ID.Buzz

VW ID.Buzz

New Camper electric van from Campy

The ID. Buzz is Volkswagen’s first 100% electric Combi.

Here is a fully electric design van that pays homage to the look of the first generation.
As with the iconic T1 split combi, the ID. Buzz turns heads with a permanent smile under a beautiful rounded V-shaped hood embossed with the Volkswagen brand logo.
In today’s world, embodying the Combi spirit of the 1950s and enjoying respectful mobility are assets that give it undeniable sympathy.
Also intended for families, friends, and surfers, the ID Buzz takes up all the challenges of everyday life and weaves its way perfectly into urban areas.

An Bord : 5 Pers. max.

Unbegrenzte KM

Aus : Biarritz

Von 119€ bis 149€ pro Tag

Weitere Informationen zu unseren Preisen finden Sie in unserem Leitfaden.


In addition to a spacious trunk and a lighting concept that communicates, the Id.buzz gives us a lot to see.
Our ID.buzz has many options:

30 color mood lighting
USB-C and 220v sockets

Infotainment pack:

9 speakers (5 speakers in the front and 4 speakers in the rear)
Voice control

Assistance Pack
including rear view camera – park assist+ – stop and go distance control Induction charger and wireless ‚App-Connect

Heated front seats
Multifunction steering wheel with touch control, heated

ID. Buzz Box, removable center console with multiple storage compartments


Motor: Electric

Energy class: A
Emission CO₂ combined 0 g/km
Transmission: Automatic
Model year: 2023
Technology: permanent magnet synchronous motor.
Number of motors: 1 drive
Engine power: 150 kW (204hp) Torque: 310Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 10.2 seconds
Maximum speed: 145 km
Battery capacity: 77 kWh net for 82 kWh gross capacity.
Battery type: Li-ion

Battery charging time:

AC terminals (22kw) full in 7h30mn Charge time for 100km 21kw: 2h
DC fast charge 50kw: full in 1h50mn Charging time for 100km or 21kw: 25mn
DC fast charge terminals 150kw: full in 28’mn Charging time for 100km or 21kw: 8mn

Gross range: 420km
Autonomy in town: 572 km

Average consumption: between 20.8 and 21.7 kWh/100 km
Turning radius of 11.1 m.
Trunk volume: 1 121 L
Wheels: 20 inches.


Length 4.712 mm
Width 1.985 mm
Max. height 1.927 mm

Fahren / Ratschläge

Handling and performance

The ID.Buzz is very pleasant to drive, primarily because of the quietness of the electric motor and the excellent soundproofing. We are immediately immersed in a Zen atmosphere. The comfort of the seats and the 9 speakers of the infotainment pack make you want to go further and further while enjoying your favorite music. The wide vision and the „TGV“ type cockpit complete the driving comfort. The reversing assistance and the turning radius comparable to the smallest cars in the segment allow it to easily slip by. The braking managed by the energy recovery of the electric motor is very efficient and uses very little or no braking (mode B), ensuring a great reduction of pollution. The extraordinary torque of the electric drive is worthy of the best GTIs of our old timers.


To recharge the Id.Buzz you will find fast charging stations

(>150kw DC) or standard
standard 22KW AC.

On a fast charge station the full charge time is 1/2 hour against several hours for a standard charge.
Also the cost is different, ranging from 20 cents to 80 cents per Kw.
For comparison a thermal car consuming 7L/100km, will cost about 14€/100km and
an electric buzz consuming 20kw/100km will cost on average 8€/100km.
The Volkswagen on-board application allows you to plan your journey, indicates the charging stations and their prices.
That’s why it’s a good idea to spend some time planning your trip, or even using third-party applications like https://fr.chargemap.com that will tell you where to find the best rates.
Moreover, you should consider that the charging time is also an important new data to take into account when choosing the charging points. It is a compromise between charging time and charging cost.

Payment of charges

Payment at charging stations is usually done with operator cards, and there is no guarantee that your CB card will be accepted (you will probably have to install an application on your smartphone and connect your payment method to it).
To simplify the charging process, your Buzz is provided with chargemap type cards that will allow you to fill up your tank at any time. We are also equipped at the Campy agency with private 22 Kw charging stations that can be accessed 24 hours a day using a badge supplied with the van. The charges debited on our account by these cards will be reallocated to you on your return.

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