General Terms and Conditions
28 rue chapelet 64200 Biarritz

“Tenant” means the person who signed the rental agreement and pays the rental fee, whose full details are set out in the Rental Agreement. The Tenant is also the main driver of the vehicle.
“Lessor” means CAMPY CAMPER who agrees to make available to the tenant under the terms defined herein, a motor vehicle as defined in the vehicle description below. The company CAMPY CAMPER is registered with the RCS Bayonne under number 532 251 899 and having its registered office located 28, rue chapelet 64200 Biarritz FRANCE.
The Tenant will have the enjoyment of the leased vehicle, in the manner set forth in the present Rental Agreement which includes the General terms and conditions, the particular conditions (if necessary), the vehicle description as set upon departure and arrival, the payment receipt and the security deposit.

1 – Prerequisites for rent
The Tenant must
– Hold a driver’s license, valid and relevant to the category of the rented vehicle for at least 3 years.
⁃ Hold a French, European or International driver’s license
⁃ Provide a proof of address in his name
⁃ Be able to provide the bank details, name and surname of the Tenant
⁃ Carry the booking confirmation sent by the Lessor
All of these documents must be originals and valid; copies will not be accepted by the Lessor. The Lessor reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and the Tenant shall have no claim against the Lessor for compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.
Any additional driver will be charged an additional 5 € per day and per driver (with the limit of 2 additional drivers). In the event of a loss of the Tenant License, and if the Tenant hasn’t subscribed the additional driver option, the Tenant will pay for the return of the vehicle to the headquarters of Campy Camper in Biarritz FRANCE. Therefore the Rental Agreement covers only the Tenant and the subscribed additional drivers. In addition the Tenant herewith accepts liability for all unsubscribed drivers.

Article 2 – The vehicle
A description of the van’s state will be set up upon beginning and ending of the lease with the Tenant. The Tenant shall notify the Lessor during the inspection of the vehicle of any defects in the vehicle, failing which the Tenant shall be deemed to have acknowledged that the vehicle was received in perfect order and condition. Tenant shall on termination of the Lease return and deliver to the Lessor the vehicle in exact same order and condition as received.
The Tenant shall keep and maintain the interior of the vehicle in good order and condition; If the vehicle appear very dirty or requires excessive cleaning, an extra 40 € cleaning fee can be charged to the Tenant by the Lessor. Any additional cost to the Lessor for the purpose of cleaning or repair of the vehicle due to the use of the vehicle by the Tenant will remain at the Tenant’s charge (expect insurance coverage).
The Tenant shall make good any damage caused to the vehicle by the Tenant or any visitor of the Tenant.
Any damage or cost caused by the Tenant’s use of the vehicle will be kept on the security deposit. Besides any loss of the equipment provided by the Lessor with the Van will be charged to the Tenant based on the market prices displayed at the Lessor headquarters.
All gas and fuel expenses remain at the Tenant charge. The lessor will make available the vehicle with a full tank. Therefore it must be returned with full tank. If the Tenant do not resituate the vehicle with a full tank the Lessor shall charge the Tenant an additional 1.40 € per liter of gas.

Article 3 – Use of the vehicle
The Tenant shall respect the Highway Code, and is personally responsible for all fines for infractions and violations of traffic laws applicable in Europe (parking violations, payment of toll roads, speed limits etc.).
The Tenant will be liable to the Lessor of the lump sum of 25.00 € (twenty five euros) per ticket, as management fees.
The Tenant must drive safely and never in a state of excessive fatigue, or under the use of narcotics and alcohol. It is prohibited from smoking in the vehicle.
The Tenant shall take a 15 minutes break every 2 hours.
The Tenant will respect the maximum occupancy and maximum carrying weight of the vehicle specified on the registration documents at all time.
The Tenant will not sublet the vehicle or to use it to transport passengers.
The Tenant shall not cede and/or delegate any of his rights and/or obligations under this Agreement.
The Tenant is prohibited from participating with the vehicle in rallies, races, speed trials, test trials or other.
The Vehicle cannot be used for the purpose of driving lessons.
The vehicle cannot be used on roads that are non suitable for motor vehicles.
The Tenant shall refrain from doing anything that is illegal.
The vehicle parking period must be locked, and the keys shall not remain in the vehicle. Any cost engendered by keys loss will remain at the Tenant charge.
The Tenant is allowed to circulate in the following countries: France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Leetonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein.
Besides the Tenant shall perform all of the use controls of the vehicle such as oil level every 1000 km, tires pressure… The Tenant shall pay attention to the indicators on the vehicle panel. Any damage caused by the lack of care and attention of the Tenant to the vehicle’s engine (oil level, engine temperature, wrong gas choice, battery, stagnation, cooling liquids…) will remain at the Tenant charge.
The Tenant receives assistance 24/24 – 7 / 7 covering the vehicle and assistance to passengers in case of mechanical failure, accident, and theft. In the event of mechanical failure, accident or theft the Tenant shall call immediately the phone number displayed in the rental guide provided upon beginning of the lease.
In that case the Tenant agrees to follow all of the instructions given by the Lessor. In case of non compliance with these instructions, the Tenant would be fully liable for the lessor reserves the right to take legal action against him.
In the event of a theft or attempted theft and vandalism, the Tenant shall make a declaration to local police and Lessor and must provide the file complaints and original vehicle keys within 48 hours.
In the event if an accident, the Tenant shall make a declaration to the Lessor within 24 hours and provide to the Lessor a copy of the signed statement by both parties as well as names and contact details of the witnesses if there are any and number of the third car involved.
In the event if an accident, without a third, the Tenant shall make an exact statement of the accident to the Lessor within 24 hours.

Article 4 – Insurance
The Tenant and the additional registered drivers are fully covered for liability by the insurance subscribed by the Lessor (in the limit of 2 500 € or 500€ in case of reduced franchise option). This insurance is also valid in all of the countries displayed in Article 3.
The insurance does not cover the Tenant in the following events:
• If the Tenant is unable to restitute the original vehicle keys in the event of a theft of the vehicle. In that case, the Tenant shall pay for the value of the vehicle estimated by an expert.
• If the damages caused to the vehicle are due to burns, interior deteriorations, overweight, dangerous driving (particularly on the upper parts of the vehicle such as roof parts), damages on the lower parts of the vehicle including tires, and any consequences engendered.
• If the Tenant or the driver was under the use of alcohol (as define by the Highway Code) or under the use of narcotics or any prohibited and illegal substances as well as drugs and medicines (prescribed or not) which shall cause fatigue or somnolence.
• If damages are caused to the vehicle while not resituated at the time displayed in the present rental agreement, that case being assimilated as a unauthorized use of the vehicle of the Tenant. This prevision shall not apply if the Tenant received the authorized extension of the lease by the Lessor.
• If the Tenant has provided any false information regarding his identity, or the validity of his driving license. In addition, if the Tenant provides fake declarations and statements in the event of an accident or during the return vehicle inspection.
• The radio, the broken glass (windows, windshields and mirrors), the damage to the vehicle, the frost damage, and items or personal effects, are in no way covered by insurance the rental.
• If the Tenant uses the vehicle in surcharge or does not respect the maximum occupancy displayed in the vehicles registration documents. In that case, only the liability shall apply.

Article 5 – Length of the lease
The lease starts when on the key delivery to the Tenant and ends when the Tenant returns the keys to the Lessor. The vehicle must be returned within 30 minutes of the time specified in the rental agreement.
In case of delay, the Tenant agrees to immediately notify the Lessor. In that case the Lessor reserves the right to charge the Tenant an additional fee of 30 € per hour late.
The rental periods are organized on a season’s basis. From half July to half  September, a minimum lease of 7 days is required while between October and june the minimum lease is 3 days. If Tenant wishes to extend his lease he agrees to bring the vehicle back to the headquarters in Biarritz France, in order to perform a restitution statement and to sign a new rental agreement, falling which the Lessor reserves the right to charge an additional 50 € per extra day.

Article 6 – Payment
The Tenant and his party are responsible and interdependent for the payment of the rental fees including the vehicle rental cost, and the cost of the options purchased by the Tenant as well as the insurance extensions, penalties imposed (if necessary) and the security deposit. The payment of these fees is due on reservation.
The Security Deposit is required in order to safeguard the rental rules and obligations. If no damage is done to the vehicle or its contents the security deposit shall be refunded on restitution of the keys to the Lessor or a few days later. Any additional cost incurred to the Lessor will be kept on the security deposit.
The security deposit amount is 2 500 € (or 500€ in case of reduced franchise option), acceptable payment methods are personal checks.
If the total cost of the damages caused to the vehicle by the Tenant is superior to the security deposit, the Tenant agrees to pay the difference to the Lessor.
In addition, any seizure of the vehicle at the frontier of any country that is not displayed in article 3 or any other seizure related to border patrols and controls will be charged to the Tenant as well as the repatriation of the vehicle to the headquarters in Biarritz France and a 1 500 € fee.
All payments must be made in Euros (€).
The Agent reserves the right to correct any error in advertised and/or confirmed prices.
Acceptable payment methods are:
– Credit Cards: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Carte Bleue. Cards issued by banks outside of France must necessarily be international banks.
– Paypal
– Cash: Euros (€) only
– Debit Cards are not accepted. Any other payment will be refused.

Article 7 – Cancellation
Cancellation by Tenant
The Tenant should notify the Lessor immediately in writing if he/she wishes to cancel the booking. If Tenant wishes to cancel his/her reservation fees shall apply as followed:
– If cancellation occurs more than 6 weeks prior to the starting date of the lease the Tenant will be refund of the rental fees paid.
– If cancellation occurs less than 6 weeks prior to the starting date of the lease the Tenant agrees to pay the total rental fees.
Any modification in the dates of the lease will be considered as a new booking and current rates according to the seasons shall apply if the vehicle remains available for the requested period.
Cancellation by Lessor
The Lessor reserves the right to cancel the booking if:
• Driving license is not valid
• The number of guests is above the maximum occupancy allowed (3 persons)
• If the Tenant is not able to provide the security deposit
• If the Tenant is not able to provide the required documents displayed in article 1
• If the Tenant falls to provide the booking confirmation sent by the Lessor at the time of the booking
In addition the Lessor reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled if the Tenant falls to inform the Lessor of a cancellation or a delay within 24 hours. In that case the Tenant will be charged the 100 % rental cost and the vehicle shall be made available for another booking.

Article 8 – Data Protection
Campy Camper takes the security and privacy of those of its clients and contacts about whom it holds personal information extremely seriously.
Personal Data is held on our contacts and administration database either because of work we have undertaken or are currently engaged in, or because our clients have indicated that they would be interested in receiving material from us about our business and services. To that end we hold client contact details and the history of our client relationship.
In accordance with their rights under the Law “Informatics and freedom” of January 6th 1978 modified, the clients may request the amendment of the personal information held and to cease receiving direct marketing materials.
In order to request the amendment the clients shall send a writing letter to the headquarters at the following address: Campy Camper 28, rue chapelet 64200 Biarritz FRANCE
Exclusively French law governs these terms and conditions and any disputes arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of France.